GCSEs and IGCSEs in a changing curricular landscape


GCSEs and IGCSEs in a changing curricular landscape Charlie Hammel, Director of Studies at St Swithun’s School, Winchester Any parent considering a boarding school for their child at 11+ or 13+ entry is certain to discover that changes to the main curriculum options at ages 14–16 (Years 10 and 11) – GCSEs and IGCSEs – […]


After GCSEs – what next?

After GCSEs

After GCSEs – what next? Richard Cairns, Head Master of Brighton College After a summer of nervous anticipation, the GCSE results finally came out in mid-August and every 16 year old started asking – what happens now? Should I retake any of my GCSEs? Should I carry on into the sixth form and study for […]


Sixth-form programmes – the choice


Sixth-form programmes – the choice Peter Clague, Headmaster of Bromsgrove School Boarding schools are now almost invariably multicultural and multidimensional, flexibly trying to respond to the complexity of the modern world by providing a traditional breadth of opportunities but doing this with a real striving for quality. This change is fully reflected in sixth-form provision. A […]


Sixth-form programmes: the choice


Sixth-form programmes: the choice Students entering the sixth form have a range of options to consider. Some schools may be able to offer a choice between two programmes, usually between A level and IB Diploma or A level and Pre-U. However, most schools have to commit themselves to one of those summarised below. Scotland has […]


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